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We will be launching our innovative publishing division soon with some of the best stories and strategies in education. Do you have a game-changing idea? We are accepting book proposal submissions!


This action-packed event will focus on best practices and strategies for educators, students, parents, and schools for more connected and empowered school communities.


We are a leading organization for educators, with one of the most engaged audiences around. We partner with up-and-coming brands and established brands to share their stories and offerings to educators and families.


We interview teachers, support staff, administrators, and community members from all over the world about best practices in education and beyond! Our podcast will launch in January of 2022!

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TeacherGoal #11: Support Teachers and Students using Trauma-Informed Practices with Mathew Portell

What if someone comes to support you and give you the mental break that you need, even if it was just for a few minutes? Doesn't that sound like a dream? It doesn't have to be because after today's episode with our amazing guest Mathew Portell, you’ll learn how to support students, teachers, and staff members and establish a supportive culture in your school by incorporating trauma-informed practices.