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We will be launching our innovative publishing division soon with some of the best stories and strategies in education. Do you have a game-changing idea? We are accepting book proposal submissions!

Professional Development

We specialize in delivering highly engaging and interactive content that helps make real change. Our strategies equip educators with tools to go from theory into action.


We deliver courses for educators all over the world. Our courses focus on best practices and strategies to help educators along their teaching journey. Check out our latest course on Canva!


We provide action-packed events focused on best practices and strategies for educators, students, parents, and schools for more connected and empowered school communities.

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Learn to be so graceful and compassionate with yourself, just the same way that you're with everybody else. In this episode, Caitlin Smith breaks down amazing strategies for removing guilt and stress from the teaching process. She encourages educators to talk about their mental health struggles with others to normalize the conversation and destigmatize professional help. Caitlin shares tips to identify all the stressors that are piling up and how to work on them to prioritize your own wellness and self-care. Let's dive in!