The days are growing shorter, and as winter starts to penetrate most of the United States (you're lucky, Hawaii). There's no better time in

Christmas is a time for celebration. Children all over the country are starting to realize just how close this memorable holiday is getting. While

Looking for Halloween read-alouds?We've got you covered!From spooky to silly, these read-alouds will have your students engaged and learning. And who knows, you might

The United States National Parks are full of beautiful landscapes and dazzling natural resources that are great for playing, exploring, and learning. These parks

Celebrating Valentine's Day in the Classroom Valentine's Day is such a fun holiday to celebrate in the classroom. Between passing out valentines, class parties,

For most educators, their hard work and passion doesn’t always match their paycheck. As rewarding as teaching is, many teachers are underpaid and struggle

As an educator, you know the importance of using high-quality visuals in the classroom. They can help engage students and make complex concepts easier

Social-Emotional Learning BooksSocial and emotional learning (SEL) is an educational tool that emphasizes building social and emotional skills such as managing emotions, problem-solving and

Online learning has become increasingly popular in recent years, with more and more people looking for ways to learn new skills without leaving their

Our Favorite Classroom Community BooksEvery elementary teacher loves a good read-aloud - especially when it serves the extra purpose of helping your students learn

All About Me PrintablesDo your students know their name, phone number, and address? This is an essential skill for students to have and a

Whether you are looking for new ways to engage your students in the classroom or simply want to improve your productivity as a teacher,