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The TeacherGoals Podcast features innovative educators and community members in the field about a wide variety of topics, including how their passions impact students' learning!

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TeacherGoal #11: Support Teachers and Students using Trauma-Informed Practices with Mathew Portell

"Eliminating the use of shame in education in schools and in classrooms needs to be a priority."Mathew PortellFounder, Trauma Informed Educators NetworkWhat if someone

TeacherGoal #10: Recognize and Celebrate Culture in the Classroom with Naomi O'Brien

“We realized that in order to get our students, especially at these younger ages, to care about the cultures of others, and respect them,

TeacherGoal #9: Empower Students with Disabilities to Achieve Success in the Classroom with Briona McKinney and Samantha Fecich

“Language is connected to the beliefs we have. And those beliefs are then connected to our approach and our actions.” Briona McKinneyStrengths Based EducationDo

TeacherGoal #8: Help Your Students Earn Micro-Scholarships with RaiseMe

“[RaiseMe] allows students to take advantage of getting involved with talking to the college earlier and really building that mutual interest.” Sandra BanuettBusiness Development

TeacherGoal #7: Choose Tech Tools that Positively Impact Student Learning with Jennifer Gonzalez

"Not that every teacher has to have a blog, but I think once a teacher has learned how the backend of a blog works,

TeacherGoal #6: Explicitly Teach Reading Comprehension with Cassie Tabrizi

“You need to know that reading comprehension begins with listening comprehension. Even when you’re reading a book, an article,  you’re hearing a word, you’re

TeacherGoal #5: Support All Students to Become Independent Readers with Kathryn Starke

“Honestly, reading is the most complex subject to teach.” Kathryn StarkeAuthor, Touchdown Reading Reading is a common subject within all classrooms; students read to

TeacherGoal #4: Meet the Needs of All Students with an Equity Mindset with Dr. Sheldon Eakins

“What we have to understand is that every single student in our schools, they don’t learn all the same, they might need something different…That’s

TeacherGoal #3: Empower Students to Become Solutionaries with Zoe Weil and Steve Cochrane

“By solutionary, we mean people who can identify unjust, unsustainable and inhumane systems, and then devise solutions that do the most good and the

TeacherGoal #2: Empower Students to Take Academic Risks

"And so I want to make sure that while we're focusing on helping students learn, that we don’t lose sight of the fact that

TeacherGoal #1: Build Stronger Student Relationships by Cultivating Cultural Intelligence

“You may think that you don't have culture, but everybody has culture. It's not just the things we wear and the food that we

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