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The TeacherGoals Podcast features innovative educators and community members in the field about a wide variety of topics, including how their passions impact students' learning! We interview teachers, support staff, administrators, and community members from all over the world about best practices in education and beyond! 

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TeacherGoal #26: How to Support Educators that are Battling Breast Cancer with Lisa Dunnigan

"All educators need grace. Most definitely those educators that are fighting for their own lives and still showing up for our students, deserve all

TeacherGoal #25: How to Practice the Art of Coaching Emotions with Elena Aguilar

"Coaching is one way that people can learn, grow and develop their skills." Elena AguilarAuthor, The Art of Coaching Is there a formula that

TeacherGoal #24: How to Find Joy and Laughter in Every Teaching Situation with Kc Mack

"Be relatable, bring students into your world, bring them into the inclusive inside joke and don't take yourself too seriously." Kc MackTeacher & Comedian

TeacherGoal #23: How to Create Real-World IEP Goals with Catherine Whitcher

"It's time to stop writing IEPs for the 1980s and truly prepare students for the future." Catherine WhitcherFounder, Master IEP Coach In this episode,

TeacherGoal #22: How to Incorporate the Science of Reading in the Classroom with Malia Hollowell

"When they connect each of the sounds that they hear to the letters that are used to spell them, a door unlocks for them." 

TeacherGoal #21: How to Use Canva in the Classroom with Amanda Fox

"Look into how you can leverage [Canva] for student creation. It's fantastic for teacher creation, but putting this in the hands of students, they

TeacherGoal #20: Effective Reading Interventions for Elementary Students with Emily Gibbons

"There isn't going to be any one magic program that is going to encompass everything you need to do. It doesn't exist but we

TeacherGoal #19: Implement a Restorative and Social-Emotional Approach to School Discipline with Brad Weinstein

"Restorative practices is not the silver bullet to solving school discipline problems."  Brad WeinsteinTeacherGoals Founder & Co-Author of Hacking School Discipline Have you ever

TeacherGoal #18: Increase Engagement of At-Risk Students with Dr. Don Parker

When you're at peace that's when you're supposed to plan for war. Dr. Don ParkerAuthor, Building Bridges Have you ever wondered how to build

TeacherGoal #17: Implement Culturally Responsive Teaching in Math with Kwame Sarfo-Mensah

"The challenge with being a culturally responsive math teacher or just being a culture responsive teacher, in general, is the fact that we don't

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