About TeacherGoals

TeacherGoals was founded in 2014 to highlight what's funny, frustrating, and fantastic about education. We are passionate about supporting and spotlighting educators. We believe that they are the heart of our education system and work tirelessly every day to ensure that students thrive. Our goal is to provide innovative resources, including books, blogs, conferences, podcasts, courses, and more, to provide innovative ways for educators to continue learning and growing. We would not exist without the amazing support from our educational community.

Meet the Team

Brad Weinstein

Founder & CEO

Brad Weinstein founded TeacherGoals in 2014 as a way to give educators inspiration and laughter to help them find joy in their jobs. He is the primary content creator for TeacherGoals and oversees the strategic vision of the organization.

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Brad is a co-author of the Washington Post bestseller Hacking School Discipline: 9 Ways to Create a Culture of Empathy and Responsibility Using Restorative Justice and has been featured in numerous high-profile publications and podcasts. He is also a co-founder of BehaviorFlip, which is a software company that focuses on restorative practices in schools. Brad is passionate about fostering equitable teaching and learning practices that help all students succeed.

Brad was the founding Director of Curriculum and Instruction for a network of high schools in Indiana dedicated to an innovative student-centered approach to equipping students with future-ready skills to enhance outcomes in college attainment and career success. Prior to that, he served as principal of a high school on the east side of Indianapolis. Brad is a former teacher of the year and taught for 11 years at the middle school and elementary school levels. He holds a B.A. in Education from Purdue University, an M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction from Indiana Wesleyan University, and completed a post-master’s Principal Licensure Program from Indiana Wesleyan University.

Alaina Clark-Weinstein

Chief operating officer

Alaina Clark-Weinstein joined TeacherGoals in 2020 and has been an integral part of advancing the organization and spearheading new initiatives. Alaina oversees the day-to-day tasks and operational functions of TeacherGoals. Prior to joining TeacherGoals, she worked as a bioanalytical chemist at Eli Lilly.

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Alaina Clark-Weinstein tutored underserved and underprivileged elementary students in the Indianapolis, Indiana area for several years. She focused primarily on reading and math skills with students that needed additional support. She went on to tutor high school and college students on science and math topics, even helping students get into their desired colleges and programs. Alaina did a double major at Butler University and holds a B.A. in chemistry and biology.

Erica Terry

podcast host and Events coordinAtor

Erica Terry joined TeacherGoals in 2021 and helps manage technology, sponsorship opportunities, and presenters for the TeacherGoals: Connected School Communities Conference. While inspiring educators to create a life they love embodies her professional passion, her husband, Melvin, and daughter, Eva are the driving forces and greatest blessings in her life.

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Erica Terry has 19 years of experience as an educator and she currently serves as an educational consultant that empowers co-teachers to build collaborative relationships and transform instruction to meet the needs of all students. In addition to her role as an educational consultant, she is the author of Classroom to CEO in 30 Days and host of the Classroom to CEO Podcast, where she equips educators with actionable tools and resources to turn their classroom knowledge and experience into a profitable online business by creating multiple streams of income.

Mackenzie Oberg

Content Creator

Mackenzie Oberg joined TeacherGoals in 2021 and helps TeacherGoals with content creation and graphic design. She specializes in Pinterest and enhances brand identity and marketing to help maximize exposure and product potential.

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Mackenzie is also the owner of JaeMac Designs, based out of Portland, Oregon. Prior to joining TeacherGoals, she has worked as an event coordinator and marketer after finishing her B.A. in Fine Arts at the University of Iowa. Mackenzie is passionate about supporting, personalizing, and creating designs to allow TeacherGoals to focus on creating a community for educators.