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The TeacherGoals Conference gave me the opportunity to reassure the new educational methods I've chosen for my students, which are based on focusing on social-emotional communication in the classroom, community contribution, and gaining knowledge in favor of improving individual skills.

Gergana Petkova


I am so glad I attended this. I'm also extremely glad I splurged for the VIP so I can go back through the other sessions. I love the people that were brought in and the topics covered. I ended up walking away with a lot of practical tips, tools etc. for my own practice. 

Kendrea Herring

SteaM Teacher

The TeacherGoals Conference was terrific!!! The sessions were top-notch, and I love how they ended both days with comedians! It was online, but the interaction was outstanding! All of the presenters kept up with the Q&A, and I also learned so much from the other attendees! I am excited for next year's conference!

Ronda Gray

Clinical Associate Professor