Stephen Chiger

Rebekah Poe, M. Ed.

An award-winning educator and writer, Stephen Chiger is honored to have trained thousands of teachers and leaders across the US in how to improve secondary English instruction. Serving as a director of literacy for Uncommon Schools, Steve is the co-author of Love and Literacy, a guide for educators on sharpening their pedagogy. He’s now excited to enter the world of fiction with a text that lets kids hone their media literacy skills in a playful, literary way.

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Steve is passionate about helping all kids find a sense of confidence and place in the broader world. A former journalist, he has served as president of the Garden State Scholastic Press Association and co-director for the Hugh N. Boyd Journalism Diversity Workshop. Steve holds a B.A. in English from Lafayette College, an M.S.J. in digital journalism from Northwestern University, and an Ed.M. in educational leadership from Columbia University. Find him online at @SteveChiger and He lives in New Jersey with his wife and son.

Books by Stephen Chiger


Gram and Gran Save the Summer

Join Nia, Deja, and D’Angelo in 'Gram and Gran Save the Summer' as they unravel the mysteries of a bizarre island with their eccentric grandparents. Crafted by award-winning educators, this book blends the wit of The Phantom Tollbooth with the imagination of Willie Wonka and the investigative spirit of Encyclopedia Brown, offering a captivating narrative that promotes media literacy through curiosity and discovery. Dive into a summer adventure like no other and learn the importance of understanding the digital world around us.

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