Katie Plunkett, M.A.T.

Rebekah Poe, M. Ed.

As founder of The Calm Classroom, Katie Plunkett is passionate about teaching practical strategies and resources for social emotional learning and whole child teaching. Her blog and brand empower educators and caregivers to cultivate wellness in the classroom and beyond. With an M.A. in teaching and nearly a decade of classroom experience, Katie understands the challenges teachers face in diverse educational settings, from behavior and burnout to crowded classrooms and under-resourced environments.

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As a full-time classroom teacher, Katie strives to positively impact students' lives through social-emotional learning and self-care. Drawing from research and personal experiences, she delivers speeches and trainings on topics including classroom management, child development, work-life balance, and more. Katie firmly believes in the power of community among educators, recognizing that collective knowledge and experiences are valuable resources. By fostering camaraderie, she aims to create a sense of calm and support among educators, acknowledging that teaching is a journey of continuous growth and learning.

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