John Wick

Dr. John Wick lives in Long Beach California and is the principal of a Catholic school at the base of the Angeles Forest. He began his career in education as an intern teacher as a Technology Coordinator as well as serving as a middle school studio arts teacher. In his third year he became the vice principal for his school and continued in his teaching roles. A few years later he became the principal of a Catholic school and opened the flagship academy for his diocese.

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He pressed for innovation and change to help make teaching easier and learning more enjoyable. After three years, he left administration to work as the Director of Education for a Neuroeducational startup. Dr. Wick served in this role for five years, until he realized his true passion remained with helping teachers teach and helping students learn. He returned to teaching for two years as a middle school science teacher and once more made the transition to being a principal during the first full year of the COVID pandemic.

John is a certified Google innovator, Google level 2 educator, and has presented at national and international conferences on topics ranging from augmented reality to ethics and social media use. His doctorate is in educational leadership with a specialization in teaching and learning theory. He loves to challenge the status quo and seeks to make meaningful and impactful positive changes in the lives of his teachers and students. In the wild, he can often be found watching science fiction movies, painting, writing, and pondering the meaning of life. While some will rightfully argue the answer is 42, he is still searching for the Ultimate Question and every academic and artistic pursuit brings him closer to that revelation.

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