Dr. Richard Warren Jr

Rebekah Poe, M. Ed.

Dr. Richard Warren Jr. is an award winning educator, renowned speaker, and dynamic professor with a stellar reputation in the field of education. As the 2019 Maryland State Teacher of the Year and a "Solve for Tomorrow" State Finalist for Samsung, he has been recognized as a leading figure in his profession. As a result , he was appointed as the Chair of Education Executive Policy for the Governor of Maryland, spearheading transformative education reforms.

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With over a decade of experience, Dr. Richard Warren Jr has captivated audiences as a sought-after speaker, leaving a lasting impression with his engaging, enjoyable, and enlightening messages that ignite a call to action and foster transformative change. As a consultant to educational agencies, helps educational leaders increase teacher morale so that overwhelmed and dissatisfied teachers feel valued, supported, and inspired to stay in their schools. Dr. Warren specializes in delivering compelling keynotes and training sessions across various educational arenas, collaborating with educators at every level to inspire growth and excellence. Follow his journey on social media @rhwarrenjr

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