Aundrae Williams

Aundrae Williams is a local artist from Washington DC, teaching Middle School Art at Sheridan School. His artwork takes a critical view of social justice, the black lived experience, and spiritual faith.

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Aundrae often makes reference to current social issues by exploring the different relationships between popular culture, fashion and fine arts. Having controversial subjects in digital art as diverse as political leaders and professional athletes, his work reproduces familiar visuals and floral designs and bright colors arranging them into unique abstract designs. While he uses a variety of materials such as wood, resin, and acrylic paint he sees the world as his canvas painting on walls, shoes, iron mailboxes, jean jacks and rocks. Some of his work is commissioned based or passion projects. He thoroughly loves branding others' businesses with logos, flyers, pamphlets, album covers and social media banners. He finds it very rewarding helping my local community help reach their independent dreams. Outside of commissions his art business is Eazyyokeart. It’s inspire by his mentor, the Late Michael Hill (Pastor) who told him in order to master anything it must be done every single day for 1 year. Since 2011 he has gained a masters in art in teaching, a principal certification, muralist, book illustrator, artivist and an online presence reaching over 10k followers.

Books by Aundrae Williams