Peter O’Meter


“Peter O’Meter” is an interactive and augmented reality children’s book where readers help a young robot navigate his emotions, bringing the story to life with the Quiver app for an engaging and immersive experience.

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Mannerly Monsters: A Kids' Coloring and Drawing Book

Mannerly Monsters is a coloring book in which kids can color, draw, and interact with mannerly monsters. Through engaging activities, step-by-step drawing guides, and interactive 3D features, they learn about kindness and manners.

Have you ever felt like flipping your lid, letting off steam, or blowing a fuse?

Perhaps you've been touchy, cranky, or unhinged?

If so, you're not alone. Welcome to the world of #RobotProblems, where even robots need to unwind with a good book.

Peter O'Meter is a young robot who becomes emotional when his buttons are pushed. With his newly upgraded eMotion panel needing calibration, readers are asked to help PETER identify his feelings as he navigates his retro-futuristic robot world.

This book is filled with interactivity and augmented reality to engage and immerse you into a story that is moving in every way.

Choose to read it as a standard book or enhance the experience using the Quiver app with any phone or iPad. The story becomes interactive when PETER seeks guidance from the reader.

By using the Quiver app, readers can:

  • interact with a 3D PETER
  • navigate his emotions
  • make decisions
  • and communicate their advice.

The story is sprinkled with augmented reality animations that bring the illustrations to life, creating an emotive, moving narrative.

Peter O'Meter is unlike anything you've experienced.

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