Episode 33

“Pretty much every kid that I’ve met, 95% of kids want a book in the library, you know. And so that’s one of the incentives.” Stan TuckerHost, The Very Airy Library How can educators combine kindness and literacy to engage students? In this episode, our guest is Stan Tucker from the YouTube channel, The Very

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How to Increase Student Engagement Using Kindness and Literacy with Stan Tucker

Episode 31

“We all want our kids to flourish. We all want them to thrive, and we want to see their genius.” Nita CreekmoreFounder, Love Teach Bless How can educators build authentic relationships through coaching? In this episode, our guest is Nita Creekmore from Love Teach Bless. Drawing on her experience as a liaison between teachers, leaders,

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How to Build Authentic Relationships through Coaching with Nita Creekmore

Episode 30

“You’ve gotta have the systems in place, and you’ve gotta have procedures in place, so everybody understands what to do during that time and that it doesn’t become the study hall.” Stephanie McConnellFounder, Principal Principles Do you have a system to monitor student growth? In this episode, Stephanie McConnell is here to talk about how

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How to Systematically Monitor Student Outcomes with Stephanie McConnell

Episode 29

“Equity is meeting young people where they are as they are.” Principal KafeleEducational Consultant & Author Could you create and sustain an equitable environment that truly values your students & makes them feel they matter? In this episode, Principal Kafele, a highly regarded urban educator in New Jersey for more than 20 years, digs into

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How to Create Equity & Inclusion in a Diverse Learning Environment with Principal Kafele