Episode 47

Every space needs something for students… to take a break from their day… to disengage and unplug them from that weight that they carry all the time in their lives. Matthew BowermanAuthor, Heartleader In this episode of the TeacherGoals Podcast, Matthew J Bowerman, a seasoned educator with over 26 years of experience, dives into the

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How to Build Trauma Sensitive Spaces in K-12 Schools & Districts with Matthew Bowerman

Episode 46

Design thinking is both a method and a mindset. It provides a structured approach to navigate change and gain creative confidence. Sabba QuidwaiFounder, Designing Schools In this episode of the TeacherGoals Podcast, Erica Terry engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Sabba Quidwai, an expert in education technology and design thinking. Together, they explore the intersection

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AI and the Future of Design Thinking in Education with Dr. Sabba Quidwai

Episode 45

Social-emotional learning is all about teaching kids how to manage their emotions, make good choices, get along, problem-solve, share, take turns, and be aware of their feelings. Tricia FuglestadArt Educator & Author Join host Erica Terry in an enlightening conversation with Tricia Fuglestad, a nationally board-certified teacher with over 30 years of elementary art teaching

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How to Use Animation to Teach Social-Emotional Learning with Tricia Fuglestad

Episode 44

Gifted learners are found everywhere, and we can cast a wider net to help refine and grow their gifts and talents. Stephanie HiggsGifted Educator & Differentiation Coach Join us in this enlightening episode as we explore the fascinating world of gifted education. During this episode, Stephanie Higgs dives into the identification process and uncovers the

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How to Differentiate Instruction for Gifted Learners with Stephanie Higgs

Episode 43

By incorporating visual, auditory, and kinesthetic elements into the learning process, we can engage students on multiple levels and create meaningful connections with written words. Jennifer OrrCEO, Eyewords Join us in this insightful episode as we dive into the world of multi-sensory instruction with special guest Jennifer Orr, an expert in literacy education. In this

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How to Use Multi-sensory Instruction to Build Confident Readers with Jennifer Orr

Episode 42

We lead with learning, not with tech. Adam JuarezEd Tech Coach & Consultant Welcome to Episode 42 of the Teacher Goals podcast, where we’re about to embark on a tech-tastic adventure in the realm of social studies! Join us as we dive into the world of edtech with Adam Juarez.Join us as we explore Adam’s

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Using Technology to Enhance Learning in the Social Studies Classroom with Adam Juarez

Episode 41

When I think about a classroom culture, a school that’s rooted in joy, instead of just operationalizing it and treating our kids like they’re little robots that are shuffling from standardized tests to standardized tests, we’re recognizing that our students have this innate, beautiful spirit of joy that’s already within them Dr. Deonna SmithAuthor &

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How to Create an Equitable and Caring Classroom Rooted in Joy with Dr. Deonna Smith