TeacherGoals Podcast Episode 46

AI and the Future of Design Thinking in Education with Dr. Sabba Quidwai

Design thinking is both a method and a mindset. It provides a structured approach to navigate change and gain creative confidence.

Sabba Quidwai
Founder, Designing Schools

In this episode of the TeacherGoals Podcast, Erica Terry engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Sabba Quidwai, an expert in education technology and design thinking. Together, they explore the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and design thinking in the context of education, shedding light on innovative approaches to teaching and learning.

Sabba Quidwai introduces the concept of design thinking as both a method and a mindset, providing step-by-step guidelines for approaching unfamiliar challenges and fostering creative confidence.

Throughout the episode, she emphasizes the role of empathy in design thinking and illustrates this concept with a captivating example of how design thinking can transform the way students engage with a book, fostering creativity, problem-solving, and communication skills.

The conversation dives into the integration of chat-based AI like ChatGPT, in design thinking. Sabba Quidwai discusses how AI tools can serve as thought partners for educators, helping them generate ideas, prompts, and solutions. She highlights the benefits of leveraging AI to free up mental space for teachers to focus on implementing engaging strategies and tailoring learning experiences to their students' interests and strengths.

Don't miss out on this eye-opening conversation that explores the dynamic synergy between AI and design thinking in education. Tune in now to join Erica Terry and Sabba Quidwai in their insightful discussion on the transformative power of AI and design thinking in education.

3 TeacherGoal Tips


Tip 1:

Begin with empathy and human insight when applying design thinking in education.


Tip 2:
Use design thinking to reframe activities and encourage students to think from different perspectives.


Tip 3:
When using ChatGPT to plan for design thinking in your classroom, focus on using effective prompts that consider the problem, frameworks, and personalized outcomes that you desire.

This Episode Features...

Dr. Sabba Quidwai

Dr. Sabba Quidwai is a passionate advocate for reimagining education and believes that a culture of innovation begins with a culture of empathy. Starting her journey as a high school teacher, she harnessed her innate drive to transform learning, which eventually propelled her into an executive role with Apple Education.Today, Dr. Quidwai applies her comprehensive understanding of design thinking and AI to guide organizations in crafting future-ready, human-centered educational environments. Her work empowers individuals with the knowledge, skills, and mindsets required to thrive in an AI-driven world.

As the host of the 'Designing Schools' podcast, she facilitates engaging discussions on the future of education. Her groundbreaking documentary further explores her research on design thinking in K-12 education, offering unique insights to educators and leaders worldwide. Ever focused on the intersection of empathy, technology, and education, Sabba remains dedicated to equipping young people with the tools to become successful global citizens in a rapidly evolving world.

Erica Terry, Host

Erica Terry is a 20-year educator and co-author of the Eva the Diva Girl rhyming picture book series written with her daughter, to empower young girls to build confidence and grow in self-love. She is also the founder of Terryfic Learning Company, where she equips teachers with actionable tools and resources to start a profitable online business and build generational wealth without stress.  

You can find her hanging out on Instagram @ericanterry_

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