TeacherGoals Podcast Episode 39

ChatGPT Prompts to Unlock the Potential of AI in the Classroom with Dan Fitzpatrick

We do the thinking and let AI do the doing for us.

Dan Fitzpatrick
Author, AI in the Classroom

In episode 39 of the TeacherGoals Podcast, we have a special treat for all of you ed tech enthusiasts out there. Our guest, Dan Fitzpatrick, is the author of AI in the Classroom with us to take a deep dive into using AI in the classroom with the help of ChatGPT prompts. 

We'll explore how these prompts can be used to create engaging lessons that unlock the full potential of AI, helping students learn more effectively and efficiently. Dan will share his expertise on how to use these prompts to personalize learning, provide instant feedback, and automate time-consuming tasks.

Whether you're an AI expert or just starting to explore this technology, this episode will give you all the tools you need to take advantage of AI in your classroom. So, tune in now to unlock the full potential of AI with ChatGPT prompts!

3 TeacherGoal Tips


Tip 1:

AI can save you time when you use it for lesson planning, grading/feedback and creating resources


Tip 2:
When it comes to ChatGPT prompts, you must get good at asking the right questions and at framing the question in a certain way


Tip 3:
When using AI for lesson planning, ask it to differentiate the tasks so that you are able to meet the needs of all students

This Episode Features...

Dan Fitzpatrick

Dan Fitzpatrick is the author of AI in the Classroom and founder of ThirdBox. He is also a former member of a secondary school senior leadership team.He has an M.A. from Durham University, a PGCE from UCL and a Post Graduate Diploma in Design Thinking & Innovation from MIT.nOver the last few years Dan has led training on cloud technology in education and industry. He has a background in leadership, media and school governance. He was awarded the Tech Champion Award at the Digital Industry Dynamite Awards 2022 and featured in the latest EdTech50.

Erica Terry, Host

Erica Terry is a 20-year educator and co-author of the Eva the Diva Girl rhyming picture book series written with her daughter, to empower young girls to build confidence and grow in self-love. She is also the founder of Terryfic Learning Company, where she equips teachers with actionable tools and resources to start a profitable online business and build generational wealth without stress.  

You can find her hanging out on Instagram @ericanterry_

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