TeacherGoals Podcast Episode 32

IEP Writing Commandments with Stephanie DeLussey

"We all want our kids to flourish. We all want them to thrive, and we want to see their genius."

Stephanie DeLussey
IEP Coach, The Intentional IEP

How can special educators write IEPs that empower students with disabilities to achieve success? In this episode, our guest is Stephanie DeLussey from Mrs D's Corner & The Intentional IEP. Drawing on her experience as a veteran special education teacher and IEP Coach, she provides you with best practices in IEP writing by sharing her IEP Commandments. Don’t miss this valuable conversation!

3 TeacherGoal Tips


Tip 1:

Always remember that building relationships through coaching takes time and patience


Tip 2:
When entering a new coaching role, it is important to get to know the school culture and honor what has already been established


Tip 3:
Do what you say you're going to do

This Episode Features...

Stephanie DeLussey

Stephanie DeLussey is a dual-certified veteran special education teacher, IEP Coach, author, and teacher mentor. She has a passion for creating engaging, adapted resources for teachers and students with disabilities, and is self-proclaimed #datanerd. She understands that not everyone will love IEPs as much as she does, but it is her hope that with the appropriate training and resources, teachers will not only advocate harder for student services and supports, but also bridge the gap between teachers and families to foster a true IEP Team. She also provides professional development for teachers. You can connect with her at Mrs. D's Corner and The Intentional IEP.

Stephanie is also a huge mental health advocate, sharing her experiences and struggles to let others know that you can survive the dark seasons and thrive in life and teaching with a mental illness.

Erica Terry, Host

Erica Terry is a 20-year educator and co-author of the Eva the Diva Girl rhyming picture book series written with her daughter, to empower young girls to build confidence and grow in self-love. She is also the founder of Terryfic Learning Company, where she equips teachers with actionable tools and resources to start a profitable online business and build generational wealth without stress.  

You can find her hanging out on Instagram @ericanterry_

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