TeacherGoals Podcast Episode 26

How to Support Educators that are Battling Breast Cancer with Lisa Dunnigan

"All educators need grace. Most definitely those educators that are fighting for their own lives and still showing up for our students, deserve all of the grace in the world." 

Lisa Dunnigan
Founder, Pink Santa Hat Movement & the Wright Stuff Chics

Have you ever wondered how to support educators who are fighting or have bravely fought breast cancer? In this episode, Lisa Dunnigan shares her story of working through her daughter's diagnosis of breast cancer and how this experience helped her to create the foundation in hopes that other educators can find support and healing during their battles. She digs into why she decided to create The Pink Santa Hat Movement and encourages you to support those women in education fighting breast cancer. Let's dive in!

Lisa Alexander Dunnigan is a breast cancer awareness advocate in part because the disease has taken a heartbreaking toll on her family. Her daughter Elise had an untimely death in July 2018 after her battle with stage IV breast cancer. Hence, Elise's twin sister Tosha and Lisa started the 'Pink Santa Hat Movement' in her honor. 

3 TeacherGoal Tips


Tip 1:

Lift other educators' spirits through hope, support, and fellowship


Tip 2:
Don't make the person that's going through treatment ask you to do something for them.


Tip 3:
Put yourself in their shoes and do for them what you'd hope someone would do for you.

This Episode Features...

Lisa Dunnigan

Lisa Alexander Dunnigan attended Carrollton High School and the State University of West Georgia. She also began her career as a seventh-grade teacher, at Carrollton Junior High School, in Carrollton, GA.  Lisa subsequently moved the family to Gainesville, GA, where Lisa taught fourth grade. As the twins were starting high school, they made a final move to Douglasville, GA, where Lisa’s career continued to grow. During her early tenure at Douglas County Schools, she held positions of increasing responsibility, including School Counselor, Assistant Principal and Principal. As an elementary school principal, Lisa was recognized often. Additionally, because of the multiple instructional gains made by her staff and students during her tenure, Lisa received several additional school achievement awards.  In 2012, Lisa became the Federal Programs Executive Director for the Douglas County School System. She recently retired works on The Wright Stuff Chics, Teach Your Heart Out and her families nonprofit, The Pink Santa Hat Movement, Inc.

Erica Terry, Host

Erica Terry is a 20-year educator and co-author of the Eva the Diva Girl rhyming picture book series written with her daughter, to empower young girls to build confidence and grow in self-love. She is also the founder of Healthy Wealthy Educators, where she equips teachers with actionable tools and resources to start a profitable online business and build generational wealth without stress.  

You can find her hanging out on Instagram @ericanterry_

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