TeacherGoals Podcast Episode 21

How to Use Canva in the Classroom with Amanda Fox

"Look into how you can leverage [Canva] for student creation. It's fantastic for teacher creation, but putting this in the hands of students, they can use it to communicate their ideas in ways that just blow my mind."

Amanda Fox
Author, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Canva Classroom

Many educators use Google Classroom, but did you know that Canva has a ton of features, integrations, and templates that can be used in your classroom too?

In this episode, Amanda Fox shares her experience as an educator and how using Canva has helped streamline her workflow. She discloses how she replaced Google with Canva, and why it has become her primary teaching platform. Amanda digs into the features and benefits of the platform, including its ability to integrate with other tools and apps. Tune in and find out how to use Canva in your classroom!

3 TeacherGoal Tips


Tip 1:

Canva can be used by educators to streamline their workflow and reduce time spent on tasks


Tip 2:
Canva's Educational templates provide easy and customizable feedback


Tip 3:
There are thousands of templates available to help you get started

This Episode Features...

Amanda Fox

Amanda Fox is an award winning teacher and Savannah, Georgia native who currently lives and works in Prospect, Kentucky. Recipient of the 2016 ISTE Emerging Leader Award, recognized as a PBS Digital innovator for her initiatives in enhancing student learning with technology, Fox has also served as President of the Young Educator Network for ISTE, and received the President's Volunteer Award.

She is author of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Canva Classroom, Teachingland, Zom-Be a Design Thinker, and the Markertown Series. Visit her website to learn more or connect with Amanda on Twitter @AmandaFoxSTEM

Erica Terry, Host

Erica Terry is a 20-year educator and co-author of the Eva the Diva Girl rhyming picture book series written with her daughter, to empower young girls to build confidence and grow in self-love. She is also the founder of Healthy Wealthy Educators, where she equips teachers with actionable tools and resources to start a profitable online business and build generational wealth without stress.

You can find her hanging out on Instagram @ericanterry_

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