The Canva Classroom:

Bring Canva to your School

Embark on a Canva journey

with Amanda Fox from The Canva Classroom, and discover the tools you need to take your classroom to new heights!

  • Learn how to create classrooms and provide meaningful student feedback all within Canva.
  • Use hyperdocs, escape rooms, digital reading shelves, self-graded worksheets, and more to engage students.
  • Save planning time by accessing Canva's pre-made templates and graphics to create visually appealing and effective materials.
  • Ensure that your lessons are DOK-aligned and meet your students' needs by customizing materials to fit their learning styles and preferences.

Unleash the Power of Canva Today!

"The ability to collaborate and have students collaborate and create in Canva makes this a super useful tool in the classroom."

Stacy Kratochvil 


"The Canva Classroom will ignite creativity among educators and take student engagement to the next level."

"I honestly don’t know where to start. For anyone who learns from Amanda Fox through The Canva Classroom will forever change your teaching practices!"

Professional Development and Keynotes

We specialize in delivering highly engaging and interactive content that helps make real change. Our strategies are..

  • MultiVision: Video Creation for Multiverse Instruction
  • DOK Punchout: TKO DOK with Design
  • Oh Snap: APP Smashing in the Marvel Universe
  • The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Canva Classroom

Job-embedded Coaching

Go beyond the training and see Canva in action! We visit schools and work with educators in their natural environment to help accelerate staff buy-in and implementation. Our team can model strategies and interact with students and staff:

  • Modeling whole class instruction
  • Designing differentiated lesson plans
  • Mini PD sessions
  • Committee and staff meetings

Ongoing Support and Coaching

Systemic change takes buy-in, support, consistency, and accountability. We support schools through the entire change process and beyond to help enhance quality implementation and sustainability.

  • Check-ins throughout the school year
  • Reteaching and relearning opportunities
  • Problem-solving through difficulties and setbacks
  • Custom support as needed

Are you interested in school or district support?

Reach out to our team for a free consultation or for more information.