The AI Classroom: Empowering Educators and Schools for the Future of Learning


AI in the Classroom 

Discover the trans-formative power of AI in education with our expert team of award-winning educators. With decades of experience in tech-driven pedagogy, we're at the vanguard of integrating AI into classrooms. Passionate about both enhancing learning and preparing students for a dynamic future, our professional development program offers the tools to elevate your institution's educational approach. Join us and lead in the era of innovative learning.

As educators, it's important to consider our role in the artificial intelligence revolution. We're currently embarking on a new era of innovation, where the collaboration between humanity and technology is expected to be stronger than ever before. The AI Classroom helps educators to:

  • Start using artificial intelligence within seconds
  • Use an artificial intelligence framework for learning
  • Enhance existing pedagogies
  • Take back your personal time
  • Create content and do tasks with ease
  • Infuse emotional intelligence with artificial intelligence
  • Put students in control of their learning

The traditional education system

is struggling to keep up with the rapidly changing technological landscape. Educators and schools need to adapt to the latest advancements in artificial intelligence in order prepare students for the future. Just as calculators, one-to-one devices, and other technologies emerged in education, it has been our job as educators to maximize the potential of what is possible and to embrace change.

This professional development provides a solution to this problem by offering a comprehensive and practical training program for educators and schools. It covers topics such as the latest language AI models, how to reduce teacher workload with AI, and how to integrate AI into pedagogy. This training will help educators and schools understand the impact of AI on their profession and use it to enhance student learning and teacher effectiveness. The AI Classroom's framework for learning with artificial intelligence will also help prevent a digital divide by ensuring that all students have access to the benefits of AI, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Through the AI Classroom's professional development, educators and schools can stay ahead of the curve in terms of technology integration in education. This is a transformative opportunity that will have a lasting impact on students, teachers, and schools.

Professional Development and Keynotes

We specialize in delivering highly engaging and interactive content that helps make real change. Our innovate strategies are great for educators beginning to embrace new technologies all the way to seasoned experts looking for more tools: 

  • A Comprehensive Artificial Intelligence Framework
  • A Beginner's Guide to Unleashing the Power of AI
  • Maximizing Pedagogical Impact with AI
  • The Rise of New AI Language Models
  • Essential AI Skills for 21st Century Teachers
  • Bridging the AI Gap Through Ensuring Equal Access and Accessibility for All
  • Charting Your Students’ Futures in a New Era of AI
  • Personalized Mentorship Through and AI Digital Coach and Advisor

Job-embedded Coaching

Go beyond the training and see the AI Classroom in action! We visit schools and work with educators in their natural environment to help accelerate staff buy-in and implementation. Our team can model strategies and interact with students and staff:

  • Classroom and school walkthroughs
  • Deployment of strategies in small groups
  • Debriefing after modeling or observing
  • Mini PD sessions
  • Committee and staff meetings

System and Process Development

Schools need effective strategies to align with sustainable systems in order to maximize success. This takes precision, teamwork, and collaboration with experts in the field. We work with schools to co-construct and design logical systems. Some of the components of this process are:

  • Baseline data collection
  • Competency pre-assessment survey
  • Data triangulation and reflection
  • Synthesizing initiatives
  • Procedure and policy alignment
  • Action plan development

Ongoing Support and Coaching

Systemic change takes buy-in, support, consistency, and accountability. We support schools through the entire change process and beyond to help enhance quality implementation and sustainability.

  • Check-ins throughout the school year
  • Problem-solving through difficulties and setbacks
  • Monitoring action plans
  • Reteaching and relearning opportunities
  • Custom support as needed

Are you interested in school or district support?

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