World Read Aloud Day was an absolute blast, and we had readers from near & far participating. 

We even saw thousands of folks joining in from each of the 50 states and countries like Italy, Romania, Georgia, Colombia, Canada, Argentina, and many more - how cool is that?

And if you missed our live event, don't worry; there's a replay on our YouTube channel (go subscribe), plus grab your copy of the activity book while it's still available. It’s time to dive into some great reads!

World Read Aloud Day

To celebrate the 13th anniversary of World Read Aloud Day, TeacherGoals is partnering up with Novel Effect and QuiverVision to stream two hours of read alouds by four amazing authors, including New York Times best-selling authors Adam Wallace (How to Catch a Dinosaur) and Peter H. Reynolds (The Dot).


The event will be streamed on all TeacherGoals social media channels on

Wednesday, February 1st from 11am-1pm EST

*This event has passed. 

A new author will read every 30 minutes and the time slots will be packed with engaging lesson plans and activities that students can complete. Registered attendees will be sent downloadable activity books with Augmented Reality coloring pages by QuiverVision that tie to each book’s content and theme. 

Register now to get access to this free resource with almost 50 pages of WRAD fun and also be entered to win swag such as book bundles, Amazon Gift Cards, licenses to Novel Effect and QuiverVision, and even a classroom set of books! 

What is World Read Aloud Day?

World Read Aloud Day is an annual event that takes place on the first Wednesday of February. It is a global celebration of the power of reading aloud and sharing stories. The goal of World Read Aloud Day is to promote literacy and the love of reading by encouraging people of all ages to pick up a book and read aloud to someone else, whether it be a child, a friend, a colleague, or a member of their community. 


World Read Aloud Day was founded in 2010 by the nonprofit organization LitWorld and is celebrated in countries around the world. The event is meant to highlight the importance of literacy and the role that reading aloud plays in promoting literacy and fostering a love of reading in children and adults alike.

Novel Effect: The Novel Way to Read to Students

Each author will read their book using the Novel Effect app, which uses voice recognition software to synchronize music and sound effects with books. The company's technology allows users to listen to books and experience sound effects and music that are seamlessly integrated into the narrative of the book. Novel Effect's technology is available through a mobile app that can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices.

Everyone who registers for the event will also be entered into a drawing to win a free teacher license to the app. Download the Novel Effect app to make storytime magical by clicking on the button below:

For 20% off through March 10th, use promo code, TeacherGoals20

To use Novel Effect, users simply need to open the app, find the book they are going to read, and start reading. As the book is read, the app uses voice recognition technology to detect when certain words or phrases are spoken and triggers corresponding sound effects or music. For example, if a character in a book is running, the app might play the sound of footsteps to add a layer of realism to the narrative. 

Novel Effect's technology is designed to enhance the listening experience and make books more interactive and engaging.

Immersive Activities with QuiverVision

TeacherGoals is also excited to be an official partner with QuiverVision! QuiverVision is a technology company that produces augmented reality (AR) coloring pages and apps. We are even more excited that the TeacherGoals World Read Aloud Day Activity book comes with 10 different coloring pages that can be activated with the Quiver app. It has almost 50 pages of content centered around each book we are highlighting this year! It’s also free!

To get a copy of it all you have to do is register for WRAD here ( and a copy will be delivered to your inbox. 

QuiverVision's products use AR technology to bring coloring pages to life, allowing users to color in the pages and then experience their creations through their devices. 


QuiverVision's AR coloring pages and apps are available on iOS and Android devices, as well as on the web. To use QuiverVision's products, users need to download the app and print a physical coloring page and then follow the instructions to activate the AR experience. Once activated, users can use their device's camera to scan the coloring page and see their creations come to life on their screens. Register for a 7 day free trial of the education dashboard by clicking the button below:

Check out QuiverVision's AR coloring pages in use in the children's book, Markertown

Markertown will be one of the featured read aloud books for World Read Aloud Day.

TeacherGoals 2023 WRAD Lineup & Schedule

Be sure to register to participate in our 2023 WRAD event by clicking here. Everyone that registers will be emailed a 50 page activity book that students can complete before, during, after each reading! 

*Additionally, every registration will be entered to win prizes that will be given away throughout the day. 


Our amazing line up:


Buy the Books Before February 1!


How to Catch a Dinosaur

By: Adam Wallace

The Dot

By: Peter H. Reynolds


By: Amanda Fox

How to Catch a Dinosaur

By: Jeff Kubiak

Be sure to follow us on social media to be prepared to view the LIVE event. The event will be LIVE and available for viewing on the following social media channels:

We can’t wait to see you there! Don't forget to register, set yourself a reminder, and share this event with your school. 

  • Jenny Lussier says:

    This is amazing! Will the sessions be recorded (even for a week or so) if we can’t participate live?

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