TeacherGoals World Read Aloud Day Event!

TeacherGoals World Read Aloud Day

World Read Aloud Day is almost here! Check out all the info on this page to make sure you are ready for the big day!

  • DATE: Wednesday, February 1st
  • TIME: 11 am - 1 pm EST
  • WHERE: Live Streamed on TeacherGoals Social Media Channels 

A new author will read every 30 minutes, and the time slots will be packed with engaging lesson plans and activities that students can complete. Make sure you have completed all steps below to make sure you are ready for the event.

What I need to Do

1. Follow and bookmark our social media channels

We will broadcast the event live on our social media channels. Please be sure you are ready to view the event using the suggestions below:

  • Follow our Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin channels
  • Test your ability to access our social media channels through your school internet. Some schools block social media so you may need to contact your IT department to allow access to one of our social media channels. Our Youtube channel might be the easiest to access at your school.
  • If you have any issues accessing the livestream on the day of the event, you can try refreshing the page or checking your internet connection.

2. Download activity book

Our World Read Aloud Day Activity Book has been updated so please download our latest version! We recommend printing the activity pages in advance for each of your students.

3. Participate in giveaways

We are giving away book bundles, including Markertown, Monsters Have Manners, The Dot, and How to Catch a Dragon, themed book bundles based on each book, $50 Amazon gift cards, and educator and school licenses for Novel Effect and Quiver Vision.

You will receive an entry for each action item below. The more items you participate in, the greater your chance of winning!

  • Register for the event through our website
  • Follow our Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin channels
  • Attend and participate in the LIVE event on February 1st
  • Share that you are participating in the event on social media using the information and graphics below
  • Share posts about your students or class participating in the event on social media and using the #TeacherGoals and #WRAD hashtags in your posts

**Download the graphics below to share on social media channels. Please include the registration link to the event and our hashtags in your posts

For example:
I am so excited to participate in World Read Aloud Day!

#teachergoals #WRAD

4. Download QuiverVision and Novel Effect

Prior to the event, be sure to download QuiverVision and Novel Effect on your device to familiarize yourself with how they work. You will need QuiverVision to bring the augmented reality coloring pages in the activity book to life for your students! The AR pages in the book are free to use, but QuiverVision also has an amazing educator dashboard with over 130 additional coloring pages that range in topics from plant and animal life cycles to the water cycle and habitats. 

You can get a 7-day free trial of QuiverVision by clicking below:

Once you have downloaded and signed up for QuiverVision, scan the QR code below to launch the AR coloring pages for World Read Aloud Day.
Insert Video
To experience the magic of bringing stories to life with voice activated sound effects, download Novel Effect by clicking here: 

For 20% off through March 10th, use promo code, TeacherGoals20

Do you still have questions about the event? Please contact us at contact@teachergoals.com.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the event!