“AI will achieve human levels of intelligence by 2029. I have set the date 2045 for the 'Singularity' which is when we will multiply

Canva alone is an amazing platform where you can essentially design anything, but it also plays well with others! You know the lyrics…’It takes

ChatGPT in Your Classroom“We’ll experience more technological progress in the coming decade than we did in the preceding 100 years put together.” McKinseyFor teachers

World Read Aloud DayTo celebrate the 13th anniversary of World Read Aloud Day, TeacherGoals is partnering up with Novel Effect and QuiverVision to stream

Educational Benefits of Mazes for your StudentsAs a teacher, you are always looking for ways to engage your students and help them learn in

The days are growing shorter, and as winter starts to penetrate most of the United States (you're lucky, Hawaii). There's no better time in

Christmas is a time for celebration. Children all over the country are starting to realize just how close this memorable holiday is getting. While

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The United States National Parks are full of beautiful landscapes and dazzling natural resources that are great for playing, exploring, and learning. These parks

Celebrating Valentine's Day in the ClassroomValentine's Day is such a fun holiday to celebrate in the classroom. Between passing out valentines, class parties, and

For most educators, their hard work and passion doesn’t always match their paycheck. As rewarding as teaching is, many teachers are underpaid and struggle

As an educator, you know the importance of using high-quality visuals in the classroom. They can help engage students and make complex concepts easier