Looking for exciting winter activities? TeacherGoals has a variety of engaging and entertaining options for you!


We hope these activities can help you make your winter weeks with students this semester a little easier and less stressful. The best part is these activities are FREE! 

Snowflake Mandalas

Have you ever seen a snowflake Mandala? No, of course not. But if we were to tell you that they're really easy and fun for kids of all ages (and adults too!) then would your jaw hit the floor?!


Well, guess what - we have these free printable coloring pages ready-made for your classroom this winter season! With colored pencils or markers + crayons, it will take less than five minutes before each person has their very own DIY piece of art using our secret recipe: glitter glue+something colorful.


Would You Rather? For ALL Ages! 

Recently, we've had some fun with Would You Rather questions on our social media channels. You can use the suggested questions or come up with your own. You can easily add movement with answers by having students go to one side of the room or the other to show their choice. This activity is pretty light-hearted, but asking students to justify or explain their reasoning could be a way to take it to a higher level of thinking.

Of course, when asking students to justify or explain, it's best first to make sure they feel comfortable doing so! No one likes to be put on the spot, so make the adaptations necessary to fit your students' comfort level as well. 

Just need a brain-break? A PE teacher, Coach House, has his own YouTube channel and has created some winter and holiday-themed brain breaks. His channel includes activities for year-round fun and movement. 

Maybe you're not into these games, but do you like the idea of student discussion and reflection? Check out the Smash Boom Best Podcast or learn more about podcasts that cover a variety of academic content that will keep your students engaged for the next few days. You might like these so much; you will find ways to incorporate them into your lessons for the rest of the school year. 

Holiday Placemats 

This activity is geared towards elementary students, but sometimes even older students like to color and chill. These downloadable placemats contain a few different activities that your students will enjoy. If you can print and laminate, you could send them home as keepsakes. The holidays represented include upcoming holidays in 2022 (and beyond)! 


More Resources

Maybe you've read this post and checked out these resources and are disappointed that nothing fits the needs of your class, or you need inspiration for other ideas. Check out this website for more FREE teacher resources and lesson plans.

We at TeacherGoals hope you enjoy these activities and incorporate them into your lesson plans. We are thankful for our community and hope you have a wonderful holiday season!  

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  • 5 sec game – my favorite – never gets old. I would also suggest checking amerilinuga.com for some great activities.

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