TeacherGoals Courses

Robots with Animated Glow Mini-Course and Lesson:

This course takes you step by step through creating an expressive robot on paper and a flip book animation on your device to creatively communicate emotions through art using the animated glow technique.

Included is a course to walk you through how to do the lesson with your students as well as and presentation link for use in your classroom.

**Important Note - this mini-course and lesson plan uses the Do Ink Animation App, which is only available on iOS devices (iPhones and iPads).


Teaching In Sync Book Study:

Coming Soon!

TeacherGoals Connected School Communities Conference

2022 TeacherGoals Conference:

Connected School Communities Replay

You can access 32 video session recordings from the 2022 TeacherGoals conference straight from our online portal. You'll also get access to the awesome Swag Bag full of fantastic educational activities and tools.