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How can I connect with the TeacherGoals community?

We know that connecting and empowering educators is not a one-size fits all solution. That's why we created the TeacherGoals Facebook Group, Connected School Communities for educators looking to discuss strategies they are using in their schools or communities with others who can provide feedback on what works best! Join us today: Connected School Communities.


How can I publish with TeacherGoals?

At TeacherGoals Publishing, we specialize in producing education and children's books. Our dynamic publishing branch prides itself on delivering the most effective practices and techniques in the educational sector. Our publications are a fusion of artistic creativity and pedagogical wisdom, designed to enrich the learning process.

Learn more about submitting your book proposal below.

How can I write for TeacherGoals?

Do you have a story to tell about your teaching?

Something that has helped shape how students learn and carry out their academic work. Or maybe an idea for how educators can make lessons more interesting, interactive, or engaging! Do not hesitate to submit your guest blog idea-we are always looking for inspiring educators to share their knowledge with our audience.

How can I partner with TeacherGoals?

Interested in partnering with TeacherGoals or sponsoring one of our many upcoming events! Email us at


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