TeacherGoals LIVE with Founder/CEO Brad Weinstein, Community Facilitator Melody McAllister, and first keynote of TG Conference, Dr. Sheldon Eakins!

Just Announced

Have you heard? An absolutely exciting conference is coming your way! It doesn’t matter if you live in Paris, France or Paris, Texas because the TeacherGoals Connected School Communities Conference is virtual this year! We have an amazing lineup of keynote speakers that will make you laugh, cry, and feel proud of being an educator or school community member. The best part, the conference is FREE!

Purpose Is Everything

When TeacherGoals Founder, Brad Weinstein, and I went LIVE to share our big news, I asked him what his vision and hope would be for this conference? 

“School is a community and we can’t just do it by ourselves, from our classroom, from our office, from our home. We need to have a better connection holistically. How do kids have a say? How can we bring in our community partners? How can we have teachers get the support they need from administrators? How can we give parents and everyone more stake and skin in the game? I want to bring the admin, teachers, parents, students, and community in.” 

TeacherGoals Connected School Communities Conference is going to be so different from what you might be used to! We have made it free, we have a lineup of leaders, teacher comedians, and we are inviting educators, students, parents, and community members to present! We truly believe that when we are all connected, the burden of teaching and learning becomes more relevant and meaningful in every way that matters. 


We were so excited that Dr. Sheldon Eakins also joined us to celebrate and invite you to the TeacherGoals Connected School Community Conference. He is one of our first keynotes and will be addressing family involvement. He hopes to give insight to the questions: why aren’t parents showing up? How come we can’t get them here without bribing them with food? What does it mean to be involved v. what does it mean to be engaged? Dr. Eakins has a fantastic podcast and powerful message that you can find out more at Leading Equity Center! 

Check out our other keynotes, we are pretty sure you might already be following them:


Get Involved 

As mentioned earlier, there are ways you can be involved! First, you can come as an attendee for free. We guarantee you will be able to take away actionable steps that will help connect you to your school community. 

Have you been successful in helping your school community in one of these strands? Present at TG Connected School Communities Conference! Do you want to learn more about one or more of these strands? Join us this March!

Sponsor Our Conference

Is your company interested in sponsoring the TeacherGoals Connected Communities Conference? TeacherGoals is the number one social media platform for educators. If you are interested, please email sponsorships@teachergoals.com and we will send you more information! You can also click on the button below for more information.

We hope you will join us. Visit our website for more information about our timeline!

See You In March

Thank you for being part of our TeacherGoals Community! We know that this time together will offer you rest, validation, and the connectedness we are seeking.

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Melody McAllister

Melody McAllister joined TeacherGoals in 2021 and helps drive engagement and growth within the communities on all TeacherGoals social media platforms. She also creates and curates content. Melody is an educator, author of children's book I'm Sorry Story, wife, and mother of five. She has worked as logistics manager for EduMatch Publishing and as a social media manager for other companies and organizations.

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