Body and Brain Brilliance

A Manual to Cultivate Awareness and Practices for Our Nervous Systems


When adults become aware of their nervous systems,

they can recognize their emotional triggers or activators, sense the dysregulation in their bodies and brains, and respond accordingly. This allows adults to lean into curiosity when encountering a dysregulated child, empowering them to respond with compassion and connection over control, escalation, and compliance. 

Body and Brain Brilliance, a neuro-educational manual for social and emotional development embracing all ages, as well as educator nervous systems, will address the science and the language of our nervous systems as educators and students learn together. 

What People are Saying...(Coming Soon)

“I've had the honor of reviewing early chapters, and it is packed full of activities to soothe our nervous systems and co-regulate with children. Add Body and Brain Brilliance to your summer reading list to prepare for back-to-school!”

-Beth Tyson, Childhood Trauma Consultant

"Body and Brain Brilliance’ is a deeply insightful resource that shows us how to honor the space between adult and child in a way that offers connection, healing, and growth. This beautifully written book is brimming with essential wisdom and practical strategies that open the way to respectfully and tenderly support all young people."

-Karen Young, Psychologist


In this manual, you will discover tools and activities designed to foster relational and preventative practices, aiming to mitigate feelings of unsafety and isolation and prevent negative behaviors.

  • Social Nervous System: Understand the role of our nervous system in emotional regulation and behavior.
  • Healthy Communication: Learn the importance of effective communication between adults and youth, especially in discipline.
  • Preventative Practices: Access mini-activities that promote safety and connection.
  • Emotional Regulation: Strategies for managing emotions to support positive interactions.
  • Discipline with Empathy: Approaches to discipline that consider emotional and social needs.

About Dr. Lori Desautels

Dr. Lori Desautels is an Assistant Professor in the College of Education at Butler University. Dr. Desautels is the author of five books and writes for brain journals and Edutopia while traveling the world to meet with school districts and organizations, sharing how our nervous systems are impacted by trauma and adversity.


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