A Trauma-Informed Approach to Leadership


Introducing Heartleader,

the essential K-12 field guide for educators who are ready to reignite their passion for serving students and families. This book goes beyond the basics of teaching strategies and dives deep into the heart of the matter - authentic relationships built on love.

Heartleader provides authentic origin stories of love, loss, and hope, inspiring educators to engage their "love lens" in every aspect of their work. With actionable strategies and insights, this book empowers educators to lead, teach, and authentically support their students, families, and staff in every part of the school community.

At its core, Heartleader is all about love. It reminds us that from the moment we become part of a school community, authentic relationships should be our top priority. Whether in the classroom or in the neighborhoods, when we lead from the heart, we can create a profound impact on those we serve.

So if you're ready to let love shape every move you make, and become a Heartleader, order your copy today!

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About the author

Matthew J. Bowerman, a dedicated husband and father of six, boasts an impressive 26-year career in education. Currently, he serves as a school administrator and delivers presentations on trauma-responsive teaching and leadership. Matthew's work primarily focuses on promoting love as a means to empower students, uplift families, and engage and support school staff.

Matthew has earned a Bachelor's degree in Theatre, a Master's degree in Teaching, and a Master's degree in Educational Leadership. He is now pursuing a Doctorate in Educational Leadership, concentrating on Social Justice and Counseling.

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