Educate & Rejuvenate

A 3-Step Guide to Revitalize Your Teaching, Renew Your Spirit, and Reignite Your Passion For Life


As an educator, 

you likely have a big heart and thrive off helping everyone else around you reach their potential. But does it ever come at the expense of your own needs?

According to a recent Gallup panel, 47% of educators said they feel burned out “always” or “very often,” outpacing all other industries nationally.

Written by a former teacher turned homeschool mom and certified life coach, Educate & Rejuvenate is for any educator who wants to feel fulfilled in teaching and life. It doesn’t matter whether you teach preschool, elementary, secondary, or adults—in a traditional classroom, online, or homeschool your children. The strategies you’ll learn will help you have a healthier relationship with your role as an educator because you’ll start incorporating the missing piece—rejuvenating yourself.

What People are Saying

"The opportunities to grow as a teacher as well as a person are more than you could ask for!"

-Nicole B

"I am learning through Kelsey's coaching that my circumstances are neutral and I am in control of my thoughts, emotions, and actions. I am still definitely a work in progress, but I feel I am already on my way to becoming a better wife, teacher, and mom"

- Jenn C.

"Kelsey's coaching has helped me immensely! It's great to know we are not alone."

-Rose W.


that begins from within. In this book, you will learn the research-backed 3-Step Educate & Rejuvenate coaching Framework. These strategies will allow you to:

  • Transform your life by becoming an active observer of your thoughts, feelings, and experiences.
  • Harness your self-observations to consciously choose what tasks you want to keep (and what you can let go of).
  • Realize how people-pleasing might be impacting your well-being… and learn to set boundaries with love.
  • Create an intentional schedule that will allow you to keep your passion for teaching alive.
  • And much more!

About Kelsey Sorenson

Kelsey Sorenson is a former third grade teacher and substitute teacher. She is now a homeschool mom to three kids and owner of Wife Teacher Mommy, where she and her team serve Pre-K through 6th grade teachers. She is also a certified life coach with The Life Coach School. 

Kelsey has helped hundreds of thousands of educators cut down planning time and balance the many roles in their lives with her resources, blogs, coaching program, Educate & Rejuvenate events, and Wife Teacher Mommy: The Podcast. 


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