The Ultimate Guide to Artificial Intelligence in Education


Educators will have a vital role to play in the rapidly emerging artificial intelligence revolution.

Humanity and technology are teaming up to unleash a brand-new world of possibilities filled with groundbreaking advances that will allow us to reimagine teaching and learning!

Are you an educator looking to stay ahead in the ever-changing world of education? Look no further than The AI Classroom, the ultimate guide for navigating the complexities of AI in education.

Let’s unlock the full potential of artificial intelligence and embrace its trans-formative power to take your craft to the next level!

What People are Saying

"I was able to make a quick tutorial for my team on how to use ChatGPT to create better aligned learning objectives to use in their lesson plans."

Melissa Santiago 

"I recently watched the webinar hosted by The AI Classroom team. Not only was it informative but also applicable to education in corporate settings - what an eye-opening experience!"

Laura Clark

"Dan, Amanda, and Brad were amazing in their webinar about AI's capacity to enhance education! They showed us how we can effectively utilize this technology for our classrooms. It was truly insightful."

Judy Sackville


Want to almost instantly make lesson plans, assessments, and presentations? How about giving instant feedback and differentiating instruction? You will gain the skills needed to do these tasks and so much more! This cutting-edge book will help you:

  • Start using artificial intelligence within seconds
  • Take back your personal time
  • Create content and do tasks using artificial intelligence
  • Enhance existing pedagogies
  • Explore artificial intelligence tools and platforms
  • Make learning accessible for all learners
  • Put students in control of their learning

About the authors

Dan Fitzpatrick, Amanda Fox, and Brad Weinstein are award-winning educators with decades of experience with technology and innovation for schools.

Dan has quickly become a leading voice in the integration of artificial intelligence in education, appearing in numerous high-profile interviews and publications. Amanda Fox, the author of The Canva Classroom and other great titles, is passionate about enhancing learning through technology. Brad Weinstein, the co-author of Hacking School Discipline, is passionate about preparing students for an ever-changing world through the future of work skills and emotional intelligence.

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