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Get Started with The A to Z Field Guide to Canva

New to Canva? The A to Z Field Guide to Canva was written to be your quick reference guide to getting started with Canva!

There are so many design features that you may not know about, and no matter what digital devices you use to create content you will find valuable tools with screenshots to add to your design toolbox in this handy supplement.

Think of this as your Canva dictionary--a glossary of Canva features and tools just for designers, social media managers, teachers, and students!

In this 200+ page field guide, you will find over 300 terms and resources to help you quickly reference features to maximize your design skills. You will learn about new tools, free programs, training for teachers and students, and how to access free resources.

The A to Z Field Guide to Canva will help you build awareness, understanding, vocabulary, and a robust digital toolbox.

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