Bring Learning to Life with AR Workbooks


Writing has never been more fun!

Learning how to write has never been more fun than using our Augmented Reality Writing Journal Workbook.

Using the Quiver app, kids will interact with 10 interactive experiences that will inspire them to compose original writing pieces!

This journal includes standard aligned writing prompts that focus on informative, narrative, and opinion writing, a smart sentence and punctuation graphic, 30 sight words, and a standards based check list.

Learn Letters and Phonics with Fun Augmented Reality

Learning letters and phonics has never been more fun than using our Augmented Reality Handwriting Book. Using the Quiver Vision app, kids will explore 26 interactive experiences that teach path of motion handwriting, letter tracing, phonics, spelling, and facts about animals!

  • Requires download of the free Quiver App.
  • Quiver Subscription needed to enjoy Augmented Reality content.
  • Suitable on Android and Apple smart devices such as phones or tablets.
  • Over 80 pages of ABC practice.

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