Teaching In Sync Bonuses

Chapter 1- #RelationshipGoals

Complete this activity to establish co-teaching relationship goals.

Chapter 1- BSB4Talk Collaborative Talk Worksheet

BSB4Talk is a foundational strategy for building a well-performing co-teaching team. Use this worksheet to assist with guiding your conversation with your co-teacher.

Chapter 1- BSB4Talk Strategy

BSB4Talk is a foundational strategy for building a well-performing co-teaching team.

Chapter 2- Focused Mini-Lesson

Co-Teaching Model Decision Matrix

Choosing the best co-teaching model to implement during the focused mini-lesson component of the lesson requires teachers to consider the specific needs of students, the content, and the unique expertise of each teacher. When making this decision, consider the strengths of both teachers as well as the needs of the students. Use the Co-Teaching Model Decision Matrix in Figure 2.3 as a guide when choosing the best approach during the focused mini-lesson.

Chapter 2- Collaborative Work Session Co-Teaching Model Decision Matrix

Review the Co-Teaching Model Decision Matrix in Figure 2.4 and use it as a guide when choosing the best co-teaching model to use during the lesson's collaborative student work session component.

Chapter 3- Rest & Reflect: Set the Stage

Reflect on the progress you and your co-teacher have made to date with clearly defining each of your roles and responsibilities, identifying co-teaching models that will be utilized during each component of the lesson, and using technology tools to assist with classroom instruction.

Chapter 3- Assistive & Instructional Technology Resource List

This is a list of assistive and instructional technology tools that can be used in the classroom.

Chapter 3- Technology Audit Spreadsheet

Use the technology audit spreadsheet to assist you with flipping your classroom. This document will assist you and your co-teacher with keeping track of all of your technological needs in one place. You can even share this document with each other and complete it in real time.

Chapter 4- Rest & Reflect on Collaboration

Collaborating with your co-teacher through co-planning can be a powerful tool for meeting the diverse needs of your students. Use these questions to reflect on your current level of collaboration.

Chapter 4- Co-Planning Protocol

The Teaching In Sync Co-Planning Protocol is used to support collaborative planning and reflection.

Chapter 4- Daily Lesson Plan Template

The Teaching In Sync Daily Lesson Plan Template is used to support collaborative planning and reflection.

Chapter 5- Rest & Reflect on Explicit Instruction

Reflect on past experiences with explicit instruction. This will help you identify what worked well and what challenges you faced when implementing this approach.

Chapter 6- Professional Development for Assistive Technology

Explore this site to participate in AT professional development, explore resources, and remain current on the most effective AT to date.

Chapter 7- Bringin' Da NOISE Action Plan

Use this resource to draft a plan that ensures your commitment to share the responsibility of managing challenging student behavior.

Chapter 7- Bringin’ Da’ NOISE Positive, Corrective Feedback Starters

Bringin’ Da’ NOISE Positive, Corrective Feedback Starters can be used to empower students to refocus on achieving their learning goals.

Chapter 7- Bringin’ Da’ NOISE Data Collection Checklist

Give your para-educator a copy of the Bringin' Da NOISE Data Collection Checklist to collect data on student behaviors and skills as you provide instruction using the One Teach, One Observe co-teaching model.

Chapter 7- Rest & Reflect on Your Teaching Philosophy

Reflect on your teaching philosophy, values, and beliefs regarding student behavior by thoughtfully considering these questions.

Chapter 8- Student Voice Self-Assessment

Before engaging in a discussion about how you consistently provide opportunities for students' voices in your inclusive co-taught classroom, self-assess your current use of students' voices.

Chapter 8- Rest & Reflect on Student Voice in the Classroom

Reflect on the use of student voice in the classroom to identify strategies for enhancing student engagement and empowerment.

Chapter 9- Formative Assessment Technology List

Chapter 9- Data Plan Strategy

The Data Plan strategy is to empower students to master learning outcomes. This method allows co-teachers to monitor student learning through progress monitoring and monitoring of progress and measure the impact of implementing instructional strategies.

Chapter 9- Progress Monitoring Using AI Video

The progress monitoring video walks you through how to implement steps one through three of the Data Plan Strategy using AI.

Chapter 10- Rest & Reflect: Celebrate Your Wins

Pause for a moment, like a well-placed rest in a musical composition, and reflect on your teaching practices. Celebrate all of your wins and your students' accomplishments.

Chapter 10- Eight Ways to Create a Celebratory Classroom

Use these steps to guide you in planning and executing a celebratory classroom experience. 

Revolutionizing Co-Teaching w/ AI: Erica Terry & Lynea Laws

Join Erica and Lynea to learn how to use AI for co-planning, independent practice, feedback, and much more, allowing you to tailor your instruction to the unique needs of each student in your inclusive classroom. 

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