Science of Reading Bonuses

Chapter 2- Tricky Terms Cheat Sheet

This Tricky Terms Sheet will help you never have to spend time looking up those terms again. Slide it into your reading binder for easy access!

Chapter 3A- Syllable Tapping

This video showcases how to use syllable tapping as a fantastic way to build students' phonological awareness. It's also a handy little time filler to pull out during those random three-minute chunks that pop up throughout your school day.

Chapter 3B- Alliteration Pairs

In this video, you'll see how to help students practice alliteration by naming two different words and noticing whether they start with the same sound. If they do, the children will clap twice. If they don't, they'll clap just once.

Chapter 3 - Phonological Awareness Warm Ups

This handout will help you teach your students the first phonemic awareness skill—blending phonemes. These activities are based on the science of reading in action.

Chapter 3- Phonological Awareness Cheat Sheet

Chapter 3C- Phonemic Awareness

Chapter 4A- Alphabet Chant

Chapter 4- Alphabet Chant Printable

Chapter 4B- Five Speech Sound Questions

Chapter 4- File Folder Sound Wall

Chapter 4- Phonics Order

Chapter 5- Sound Map "Said"

In this video, see Malia demonstrate how to correctly sound map the word "said".

Chapter 5- Phonogram Cheat Sheets

Chapter 5- Sound Map

Chapter 6- Short A Decodable Passages

Short A decodable passages that are perfect to use for small reading groups, phonics lessons, or whole class practice.

Chapter 9- Sound Mapping "Could"

In this video, see Malia demonstrate how to correctly sound map the word "could".

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