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How Design Thinking Makes YOU Irreplaceable in the Age of AI


Transform Your Classroom with Design Thinking

In Designing Schools: How Design Thinking Makes YOU Irreplaceable in the Age of AI, educators are provided with essential tools and mindsets to thrive in an AI-driven world. This book emphasizes the integration of design thinking to foster creativity, resilience, and empathy, transforming educational practices and creating dynamic, engaging learning environments.

By adopting innovative approaches, teachers can embrace change and inspire their students. With practical strategies and real-world examples, this book highlights the unique qualities that make educators indispensable, preparing them and their students for a rapidly evolving educational landscape.

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Designing School: How Design Thinking Makes YOU Irreplaceable in the Age of AI by Dr. Sabba Quidwai equips educators with the tools and strategies needed to thrive in a digital learning environment. Here's what you'll discover:

  • Embrace Change: Discover strategies to navigate and leverage change, inspiring your students.
  • Foster Creativity: Learn methods to nurture student creativity and curiosity.
  • Develop Essential Skills: Cultivate empathy, resilience, and other indispensable qualities.
  • Innovative Teaching: Create project-based learning environments and integrate technology effectively.
  • Practical Tools: Utilize actionable insights and real-world applications to enhance your teaching.

About Dr. Sabba Quidwai

Dr. Sabba Quidwai believes cultures of innovation begin with a culture of empathy. Her journey took her from being a high school teacher to education executive at Apple. Dr. Quidwai now works with organizations to design schools that give young people the mindset and skills to thrive in workplaces and as global citizens.

Sabba hosts the podcast, "Designing Schools," and released a documentary in 2020 based on her research about using design thinking to prepare for a world with AI.


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