The Amazing Robot Coloring and Drawing Book

Color and Learn How to Draw Robots


Embark on a creative journey

 with PETER O’METER and His Emotional Adventures. Dive into coloring and drawing activities that span from simple designs to intricate scenes, showcasing PETER and his friends in a robot-filled, retro-futuristic world. 

Master the art of robot illustration with comprehensive guides, and bring your own robot creations to life. Through coloring, drawing, and exploring PETER's emotional expressions, engage in a narrative that blends art, story, and a touch of technology, offering a rich, imaginative experience for all ages.

What People are Saying

"Love It! The pictures are very well illustrated. Each illustration is on one side with white backing, which allows it to be colored and removed without damaging another picture."


"Tricia's innovative and creative ideas are so outstanding and inspiring. I love that she focuses on building social-emotional competencies which in my opinion are the most important skills. Thank you for your ground breaking work."


"I love this coloring book. The pages have just the right amount of detail to be engaging but not too time-consuming"


About Tricia Fuglestad

Tricia Fuglestad (Fuglefun), NBCT, K-5 Elementary Art Teacher, K-12 in Tech Integration. Tricia’s lessons blend digital and physical art making with transdigital lessons to expand the curriculum, give students an opportunity to explore new media, and find transformative ways for students to demonstrate learning dynamically.

Her classroom has been featured in educational publications and higher education textbooks. Her students’ Fugleflicks, student-created, art-related videos have screened at international film festivals and won national awards. She has been recognized for her tech innovation and dedication to art education by NAEA, IAEA, Golden Apple, PBS, Artsonia, and ISTE.

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Elevate your education with PETER O'Meter's free 50+ page Activity Book, packed with STEAM, SEL, and Augmented Reality activities.

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Robots with Animated Glow Lesson and Mini-Course




Feelings through an eMotion Robot

This course takes you step by step through creating an expressive robot on paper and a flip book animation on your device to creatively communicate emotions through art using the animated glow technique.

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