Monsters Have Manners Resources

An Augmented Reality SEL Children's Book


Monsters Have Manners 20 page Activity Packet

Download this amazing FREE packet to engage your students in activities that cover road safety, table manners, taking turns, and more! Check out all the monstrous fun!


Monsters Have Manners 3D Interactive Augmented Reality Coloring Pages

Download these FREE coloring pages to see the monsters as a 3D model. Color, scan with Quiver app (free), and explore.

Help Blabs clean up her room in the interactive app. 


Monstrous Manners: Exploring Classroom Etiquette through Creativity

In this activity, students discuss classroom manners, drawing ideas from Monsters Have Manners, and add them to a class chart. They then color the Monsters pages and explore the QuiverVision app. 

Extensions include creating a digital manners book, playing manners charades, and reflecting on important manners for family sharing via the Quiver App and Flip.


TeacherGoals Valentine's Cards: Peter O'Meter, Monsters Have Manners & Markertown

Celebrate this Valentine's Day with the unique charm and creativity of TeacherGoals' special collection!

Introducing the "TeacherGoals Valentine's Cards: Peter O'Meter, Monsters Have Manners & Makertown" – a delightful set of FREE printable V-DAY cards inspired by your favorite TeacherGoals children's books. Each card is infused with the distinct character and spirit of these beloved stories, making them the perfect way to express your heartfelt messages.

WeARable Designs


Now you can wear your favorite monsters from Monsters Have Manners! 

Invite Jeff to read his book Monsters Have Manners during a virtual or in-person author visit for your school.


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