A Rhyming, Read Aloud Kid's Book

By Amanda Fox


A heartwarming story about kindness, inclusion, and finding your place in the world

After a long day of coloring, the markers are heading home to their boxes—but Glitter can't find her cap! As Glitter journey’s through Markertown she meets a group of repurposed markers that help her envision a different future. But can they save her ink in time?

Markertown is a story that commends kindness and friendship. It embraces upcycling not only markers, but parts of ourselves along our journey. Readers should walk away understanding that true sparkle and shine come from within. So let the mark you leave on the world be one of kindness!

With nods to Van Gogh’s Starry Night, vibrant whimsical pages, and interactive augmented reality coloring pages, Markertown is the perfect gift for children, teachers, back-to-school, or any time of year! Perfect for fans of The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Deywalt and Not Just A Scribble by Diane Albers.

What Readers are Saying

"This book is so sweet! The message is amazing. Even better is the kiddos can color the pages and watch their creations come to life! BETTER YET is the ability to learn using augmented reality! Learn about ferris wheels and work on telling time! Check this out!"

Heather G. Brown 

MATh interventionist

"Delightful, fun, and just what is needed for kids and adults to read! Markertown will change your outlook on more than just old markers, and help you to see past what we may typically see, and open your mind to what is possible and the 'upcycling' of so many areas in our lives."

Adam Welcome 


"Fox’s mixed-media illustrations, with bright, painterly details, make great use of various art techniques. They also reference famous works, such as van Gogh’s The Starry Night. Solid rhymes and positive messages in a fun art class tale"

Kirkus Review

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