A couple of weeks ago, TeacherGoals Founder, Brad Weinstein, and I sat down with the Blankets of Hope Founders, and brothers, Mike and Nick Fiorito.  They are on a mission to show young people, in school communities, that you can make a difference in someone’s world, today.

A Real Story of Hope

What do you do when you’re down on your luck and feel like you're failing in your life’s goals? Do you quit? Do you try to reinvent yourself? Well, the Fiorito brothers started helping their local homeless community to get their minds off their own problems. They had no idea that what they were doing would inspire school communities across the country or that a venture capitalist would back them to do more!

That was six years ago and they have helped over 500 schools in 43 states help the homeless in their local communities. Blankets of Hope is an educational 501(c)3 nonprofit that helps students practice empathy & kindness in an impactful service-learning experience.

Mike & Nick Fiorito, the Founders of Blankets of Hope

The Mission

Blankets of Hope’s mission is, “To inspire a global movement of kindness, one blanket at a time.” They meet with interested schools and help them get this kindness movement going in an empathy workshop. From there, it turns into a service-learning project that the entire school community can get involved with. 

When a school community raises money to purchase blankets, they partner with a community organization to donate the blankets for those who need them. The organizations involved are specific to each community. The only cost associated with this program is raising money for blankets, which cost seven dollars each.

Get Involved

The brothers have fine-tuned this program so as not to add anything more to an educator’s plate, and they make sure students feel empowered and understand that they can do something big, that is in service to others, even while they are young. They believe this is the ignitor of a desire for students who will grow up to do great things to help change the world!

Timely Mission

You might agree that there has never been a better time to spread kindness and hope to others. We hope you will sign up today to help empower your school community. And while World Kindness Day and the holidays are seen as the season for giving, we can show our students that being kind and acting in service of others is always necessary.

If you are not affiliated with a school but would like to contribute to buying blankets for schools that have a harder time fundraising, click the button to give.

Keep in Touch

If you begin this journey with Blankets of Hope, please tag us on our social media channels! We'd love to give your school community a shout-out! Also, find BOH on Instagram!

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