As summer's vibrant hues start to make way for autumn's cooler tones, the familiar rush of excitement tinged with a sprinkle of nerves takes hold - it's back to school season!

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A fresh start, a new grade, and a school year filled with endless possibilities. The first day back at school is a significant event in every child's academic journey and a milestone worth celebrating.

But how do we preserve these precious moments? 

How can we make sure these memories stand the test of time? The answer is simple - our Back to School 2023-2024: Printable First Day of School Signs.


A memorable photo with these vibrant signs can encapsulate the joy, anticipation, and promise of a new school year. 


Our printable signs cover every grade level, from preschool all the way up to senior year. The colorful design of these signs adds a burst of cheer to every first day of school photo. More importantly, they make the experience of going back to school more tangible, providing a visual timeline of your child's or student's educational journey.

And guess what?

They are available to you absolutely FREE!

We're excited to offer you these signs as part of the TeacherGoals FREE Membership. This membership provides instant access to a trove of valuable educational resources, including our Back to School Signs. The idea is simple - we want to support teachers and parents in making education as enriching and fun as possible. 


By becoming a member, you'll unlock a wealth of downloadable resources designed to make teaching more effective, engaging, and enjoyable. Our mission at TeacherGoals is to facilitate a positive learning environment for students of all grades. We believe that with the right tools, every child can reach their full potential.

So why wait? 

Start the new school year right by capturing the precious memories of the first day back to school.

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  • Elaine Hickey says:

    Looking for 4th grade sign

  • Clean slate! New Year, New Adventure 😀🙆‍♀️

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