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Do your students know their name, phone number, and address? This is an essential skill for students to have and a great thing to practice in the classroom! If this is a concept you'd like to incorporate in your classroom, keep reading for some tips and some helpful all about me printables, including address and phone number worksheets.

The Importance of All About Me Printables

One of the most important things you can teach your primary students is their name, address, and phone number. This skill is incredibly important in the unfortunate scenario where a child gets lost or separated from their parents. Experts recommend that children memorize their address and phone number sometime around 4-6 years old. Reinforcing this in the classroom is a great way to ensure that your students always remember this information.

In addition, writing down their address and phone number is a great life skill for students. Knowing their address will help with letter writing. Having their phone number memorized is helpful if they need to call their parents and can't easily access the number somewhere else. Using phone numbers and address worksheets is just one-way students can practice these skills in the classroom.

5 Student Address and Phone Number Practice Ideas

There are many ways to help students practice writing their names, addresses, and phone numbers. Here are five activities that support these skills that your students will love!

1. Use an abacus or rekenrek to show the phone number.

A fun, hands-on way to help students learn their phone number is to have them visually show it on a 10-row abacus or rekenrek. Each row represents a digit of their phone number. Students will move the correct number of beads to the left to show each digit, starting from the top. Once they have finished, students can repeat the number back.

2. Practice writing a letter.

Some great, practical-life practice for students learning their address is writing a letter! Students can write an actual letter (or draw a picture) to themselves, then fold it up and stick it in an envelope to address. Students get the practice of writing their address and have fun mailing themselves a letter! Send a note home to parents with an envelope attached and ask each family to send it back with a stamp. (Also, students can make their mailbox out of a shoebox and place their letters there).

3. Get students moving with a giant phone.

Here's a fun idea to get your students out of their seats and practice their phone numbers! Create a giant grid that looks like a phone keypad on the floor (you can use tape or paper or take it outside and use chalk). Students can take turns practicing their phone numbers by jumping on each number in order of their phone number.

4. Draw a picture of their house.

Another fun way for students to practice their address is to have them draw a picture of their house. After drawing the picture, students should include their house number somewhere on the house. They should also draw a street sign near the house that includes their street name. Your more artistic students are sure to love this activity!

5. Use "all about me" printables.

Another excellent way for students to practice these concepts is using printables such as address and phone number worksheets. These worksheets can be customized for each student to practice writing down their information such as their name, phone number, and address to either trace or write themselves.

Editable Phone Number and Address Practice Pages

Want to use some printables but don't want to prep them yourself? We got you! Our Editable Phone Number and Address Practice Pages are 100% no prep for you! All you have to do is enter each student's information into the document, and it will auto-populate the practice sheets for you.

This resource includes three different phone number pages, four address pages, an "I call 911 in an emergency" page, and a cover sheet so your students can compile it all into a helpful binder.

You can also snag a FREE All About Me printable by clicking here.

These resources are a great way to provide practice for your students in learning their names, address, and phone number!

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