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Our innovative publishing division includes some of the best stories and strategies in education. Our books merge the art and science of education to help enhance learning. Check out our newest releases!

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We specialize in delivering highly engaging and interactive content that helps make real change. Our strategies equip educators with tools to go from theory into action.


We deliver courses for educators all over the world. Our courses focus on best practices and strategies to help educators with their teaching and leadership journey. 


We provide action-packed events focused on best practices and strategies for educators, students, parents, and schools for more connected and empowered school communities.

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Modern PBL

Project-Based Learning in the Digital Age

In a world where technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) continually reshape the way we teach and learn, 'Modern PBL' emerges as an essential guide for educators.

Daniel Jones, a renowned expert in educational strategies, presents a visionary approach to Project-Based Learning (PBL) that integrates digital tools to meet the challenges of today's tech-driven classrooms.